About the Zinc Project

Zinc is a research project around Curry, a functional logic programming language, at the University of Oviedo (Spain).

It is composed of several subprojects:

Zinc Compiler

The main purpose of the Zinc Compiler is to develop an experimental Curry compiler which features some extensions to the language, such as type classes.

The foundation of the Zinc Compiler is the well-tested Münster Curry Compiler (MCC) by Wolfgang Lux. If you are searching for a Curry compiler, use the original MCC or PAKCS.

The development of the Zinc Compiler is hosted at SourceForge. Use the following links to get more information:

The Zinc Compiler is was initially developed by Diego Berrueta as a final year project, under the direction of Prof. Jose E. Labra. It is available under the BSD license.

PFC Doc-es

PFC Doc-es is a set of several documents written in Spanish. The first one (Memoria) is the result of an investigation on functional-logic programming languages and type classes. The second one (Diseño) describes the practical aspects of building a Curry compiler in Haskell. The third and fourth ones (Manual Técnico and Manual Usuario) are the Zinc compiler developer and user guides, respectively.

Use the following links to get more information:

The author of the PFC Doc-es documents is Diego Berrueta, and they are available under a GNU FDL licence.


Currin is an interpreter for a Curry abstract machine. It is written in Java for a better cross-platform portability. It is still in an early stage of development; at the present, it only supports a subset of the language.

More information on Currin:

The author of the Currin interpreter is Iván Frade.

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